Rapid customer support

Rapid customer support

Communicate with our customer support team who are available 24/7 to attend to your technical requests.

Every user deserves genuine support and constant communication from any product or business they deal with- such that they can easily reach out to them in case of any issue or crisis.

In situations where there are unexpected issues both on the mobile app or the web portal, our rapid customer support response team would resolve all complaints immediately.

We stretch beyond to make sure that we meet every user's demand or complaints even in all extremities. SchoolTry has a lot of excellent dimensions that have been put in place solely to satisfy the users.

We understand the importance of leveraging close and meaningful relationships with our users such that they can always contact us for any form of customer support or complaint when necessary.

SchoolTry has a very effective social media platform where users or customers can easily reach out to us. In addition, a standby WhatsApp number is available on the website where customers and users can immediately contact our support team should there be any complaint at any given point in time.

Our customer support team ensures that every user is given the best experience and the best form of customer support by offering assistance both online and offline.

SchoolTry has got an effective and fast customer support team with a commendable rate of access.

SchoolTry has got you covered!