User model experience

User model experience

The software maintains a personalized interface that is tailored to specific needs and requirements of every user either administrator, parent, student or teacher both uniquely and dynamically.

Every user gets a great sense of value and control with access to all of our features and functionalities. Users have a medium of smooth interaction on the portal that gives them the abilities to give feedback and recommendations.

At SchoolTry we are very concerned with the entire process of maintaining a solution that serves every user to achieve their educational goals digitally.

We do not only focus on availing features that are practically usable, we also care about the satisfaction and user experience of every user of the solution.

SchoolTry promotes a very smooth and convenient interactive process where every user can comfortably reach his/her usage goals either from their smartphone through our mobile app, or through the web portal.

The user modeled experience is not only contributing to the success of the solution, but it also improves user engagements and creates an atmosphere where every user is satisfied with the integrated EdTech solution.

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